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For a quick approx. price on decking, why not send us a photo of where you'd

like your decking to be installed, ie , photo of back garden.

Provide approx. sizes in metres and we'll do the rest then email you a 3D

image of how your decking would look together the itemised quote

If the quote is acceptable, we'd then call to take precise measurements and

discuss any finer details, before placing any orders.

With this free service, you can often get an approximate price within a few hours.

Use our contact page to submit any details, and either email photo to [email protected] or send via WhatsApp to 07779218637( quicker and easier)

DJS Decking Installers in Prestwich, Manchester. We work through-out Manchester, Prestwich, Whitefield, Stockport and Salford.  

We have been installing decking for 20+ years and have a wide range of experience in everything from design to installation of your decking. 

Upon arrival, we shall discuss various options available to you to achieve your dream decking. Then with your help, we will design a 3D photo realistic image together with a full materials list, down to the nearest screw/bolt !

 Once we have achieved a design your happy with, we'll go away and put together a fully detailed quote of your decking and email it to you to digest in the comfort of your own home. Once approved by you, we will then book you in our diary for a convenient start date. Our decking suppliers require 3-5 days             (dependant on size ) to mill & treat all required timber before delivering. We will inform you of such dates together with delivery date. All our Decking projects are constructed in compliance with Building Regulations (if required) we take care of all this on your behalf and issue relevant certificates upon completion. All our timber decking/ exterior timber projects come complete with 15 year guarantees.


DJS Property Maintenance are professional Decking Installers in Prestwich, Manchester and surrounding area's. We combine considerable design experience, quality timber, decking materials and working expertise to create stylish and practical outside spaces for you to enjoy. We work with both domestic and commercial areas throughout Greater Manchester; providing a highly professional design and installation service. A large proportion of our business is through recommendation, and we are a preferred installer for many of our commercial clients!

DJS Decking Installers in Prestwich and Greater Manchester specialises in the supply, design and installation of bespoke quality timber and compostite decking, screening as well as architectural timber structures such as pergolas, pagodas, benches and planters. We also design and construct bespoke timber play structures, and have previously installed these in various local schools. Our timbers are all sourced from fully managed and sustained forests and imported directly from Scandanvia.

Whether you require a complete design and build landscaping service, renovation or upgrade of an existing garden, the installation of an individual deck or playframe, a tender or information to specify for a commercial project, or a more detailed consultancy service, we are happy to meet your requirements.


DJS PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - Our Installation guidelines

Timber: Naturally durable or pre-treated to the correct use class

Only timber naturally resistant to decay or which can be treated by an industrial process to give long-term protection from decay shall be used. 

Hardwoods: Only use species rated as durable or moderately durable. 

Softwoods: Only use species/components with natural durability or which have been treated in accordance with BS EN 335 to a Use Class standard appropriate to their use i.e. 

Use Class 4 treatment: for posts and other structural components in direct ground or freshwater contact. 

Use Class 3 treatment: for all components out of direct ground contact subject to frequent wetting. 

Please Note
(i) Whitewood should not be used for posts embedded in the ground or for other elements (joists) in the ground or other non-permeable surface, eg concrete slab.
(ii) All crosscuts, notches or large boreholes shall be treated on site by DJS with a suitable preservative. For full guidance on wood preservation specification contact The Wood Protection Association.

Timber Grade (Strength Class): C16 minimum
The grade (strength class) of timber used for structural components such as posts, beams and joists shall be sufficient to cope with the loads placed upon it during its service life. Softwood with a strength class rating of C16 is considered the minimum standard for decks above 600mm in height and is a requirement of building regulations for such raised level structures. The higher strength classes, typically C18 and C24 should be specified where smaller component sections, longer spans or commercial deck performance design considerations are required.
For decks below 600mm in height the use of C16 timber is also recommended.

Posts Posts can be made from laminated sections, solid timber or round poles and should have a load bearing capability/size/spacing appropriate to the scale and end use of the structure. For extended life surface mounting of posts on pre-cast piers or metal shoes is recommended or dig them into the ground at least 900mm and encase with concrete.

(i) Do not exceed the recommended load and span for each strength class – we refer to span tables in TDA/TRADA Timber Decking: The Professionals’ Manual for detailed recommendations.
(ii) Use "noggins"/blocking to strengthen frames where appropriate to prevent flexing.

Timber moisture content at installation: 20% maximum

To minimise the effects of shrinkage eg cupping, cracking, warping etc, install timber as close as possible to the equilibrium moisture content of the site. For outdoor wood, moisture content varies from 19% in winter to 13% in summer in the UK. For best results always install wood with a moisture content lower than 20%. The stability of all wood used out of doors can be improved by the use of water repellent treatments.

Board spacing
5mm min – 8mm max; where board abuts a post allow 5mm; where board ends meet allow 3mm.

Metal fixings
All metal fixings shall be made from corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, hot dipped galvanised or other specialist coating. Before use, verify with the manufacturer that the fixings you have chosen are suitable for use with treated timber. Aluminium fasteners should not be used with treated wood. Prevent galvanic corrosion by using the same type of metal for both fixings and connectors.

Screws should be at least 2½ times the thickness of the board being fixed. Ideally choose screws that are self-countersinking. Pre-drilling pilot holes will help prevent splitting. Always drill pilot holes 2mm oversize when fixing hardwoods. At all decking joist crossing points secure boards with two fixings positioned at the outer ¼ points of the deckboard ie 25% in from either edge. On grooved boards fixings should always be at the bottom of grooves. We don't use high-pressure nail guns as they can damage timber decking.

To aid drainage on our Decking , DJS build a gentle fall of 1:100 into the deck, away from any adjacent property. Grooved deckboards are designed to assist drainage of surface water,we lay them in the direction of fall.

Further specification references
TDA/TRADA Timber Decking: The Professionals’ Manual – second edition November 2006
TDA Technical Bulletin TB02: Statutory requirements
TDA Technical Bulletin TB04: Parapet design and construction
TDA Technical Bulletin TB08: Metal fixings
TDA Code of Practice TDA/RD 08/01: Raised timber decks on new homes - desired service life 60 years. NHBC Standard.
Wood Protection Association: Timber Preservation Manual.

At DJS Property Maintenance we follow all construction standards as listed below when building our Timber Decking, Fences and Summerhouses etc:

British Standards
The Standards set out below all have a relevance to the creation of high performance timber decks.

BS EN 335-1
Use classes of wood and wood-based products against biological attack – Part 1: Classification of Use classes.

BS EN 335-2
Use classes of wood and wood-based products against biological attack – Part 2: Guide to the application of use classes to solid wood.

BS EN 335-3
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Definition of hazard classes of biological attack – Part 3: Application to wood-based panels.

BS EN 350-1
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Natural durability of solid wood – Part 1: Guide to the principles of testing and classification of the natural durability of wood.

BS EN 350-2
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Natural durability of solid wood – Part 2: Guide to natural durability and treatability of selected wood species of importance in Europe.

BS EN 351-1
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Preservative-treated solid wood – Part 1: Classification of preservative penetration and retention.

BS EN 351-2
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Preservative-treated solid wood – Part 2: Guidance on sampling for the analysis of preservative-treated wood.

BS EN 460
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Natural durability of solid wood : Guide to the durability requirements for wood to be used in hazard classes.

BS EN 599-1
Durability of wood and wood-based products – Performance of wood preservatives as determined by biological tests – Part 1: Specification according to hazard class.

BS 8417
Preservation of timber – Recommendations. Guidance for specifiers on the treatment of timber drawing on relevant sections of BS EN Standards.

BS 5756: 1985
Specification for visual strength grading of hardwood.

BS 6105: 1981
Specification for corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners.

BS 6399-1: 1996
Loading for buildings. Code of Practice for dead and imposed loads.

BS 7359: 1991
Nomenclature of commercial timbers, including sources of supply.

BS 5268-2: 2002
Structural use of timber. Code of Practice for permissible stress design, materials and workmanship.

BS 6180: 1999
Barriers in and about buildings – Code of Practice. 

BS 6399-1: 1996
Loading for buildings. Code of Practice for dead and imposed loads.

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